About our Program

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The Ventura County Crime Stoppers program began in Thousand Oaks on October 1, 1986. The program has since expanded to include the other communities in Ventura County.

Through 2007, the only means of providing tips was through the bilingual call center.  Tips were then faxed to the coordinator who had to either fax or call them in to the appropriate agency.   In mid-2007, we added the ability to receive and send tips to email accounts, including those on a BlackBerry, simultaneous with the fax.  This gave us 24/7 coverage.   Since January 2008, we've provided the capability to provide tips via the internet with 2-way communication capabilities while protecting the anonymity of the tipster.  

Mission Statement

Our Mission as a nonprofit organization, run by a volunteer Board of Directors, is to solve crimes by fostering cooperation between law enforcement, the media and community members while providing state-of-the-art technology to law enforcement for the receipt, distribution and management of tips from confidential informants.

Members of the Board are willing to address Groups and Organizations on Crime in the Community and how Ventura County Crime Stoppers with the cooperation of the Community can help to lower the crime rate.

Who is Involved

Open Position      President
Rosie Castillo      Vice President
Robert Gardner      Treasurer
Julie Lopez      Board Member
Hector Lopez      Board Member, Black Fire Group, Inc.
Susan Ventura      Board Member
Robert (Bob) Coffey      Board Member

Board Meetings

The Ventura County Crime Stoppers Board of Directors meet on the first Thursday of every month. 

Camarillo Police Department
3701 Las Posas Rd. Camarillo, CA 93010.
In the Community Room

The meetings run from 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM. 

If you'd like attend a board meeting and/or have an interest in board participation, please email us at info@venturacountycrimestoppers.org.